Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu Episode 50

June 19, 2012

Rosekstan begins their attack on Rudolph's war machine. Rudolph then unleashes his winged creatures, a bunch of Amethyst Dragons, a Moody Dragon, and a Phantom Dragon. Jiro, Kluke, Marumaro, Bouquet, Andropov, and General Logi unleash their shadows to attack the war machine while Noi looks for Shu. Meanwhile, Shu makes contact with Zola's spirit. As the battle progresses, Rudolph's war machine decimates most of the Rosekstan fleet. Just as one of the winged creatures is about to attack Jiro, he is saved by Delphinium and Deathroy (who have unleashed Chimera) as they arrive with reinforcements. Sleipnir fires its cannon at Rudolph's war machine but to no avail. Rudolph then fires the attack which decimates more Rosekstan airships as Noi charges towards the war machine. With Noi distracting the machine, the others combine their attacks on the war machine which overload the forcefield. Shu manages to get to his feet and runs into Primella and Dr. Tarkovsky. Even when an opening is made in the war machine, General Logi is wounded by a Blizzard Dragon, Andropov is attacked by a winged creature, Delphinium and Deathroy are attacked by Phantom Dragon as Minotaur tries to repel it, Spark Dragon shocks Bouquet and Marumaro, Kluke's forcefield is overwhelmed by Phantom Dragon as Jiro is attacked by Amethyst Dragon, and Noi is shot down by Moody Dragon. As Primella starts to glow, Shu runs to her and both of them start to plummet.