Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 4

October 24, 2012

Nanami saves a white snake which is being assulted by her classmates at school, and it leaves a mark of betrothed on her hand. When Tomoe found out, he goes to school with her because he does not want her to be kidnapped. After finishing the shift to fill up the class log, Nanami goes off first because Tomoe fell asleep, but she is kidnapped by the snake, Mizuki. As she does not want to marry Mizuki, she tries to leave the shrine that he has taken her to, but she cannot. Later, Nanami finds out that the shrines God had died. Mizuki explains what happened. He asks her to stay with him, but Nanami refuses. When Mizuki tries to force her to stay, Tomoe comes to rescue Nanami. Tomoe burns the shrine and also tries to burn the tree that is precious to Mizuki. Tomoe is stopped by Nanami. Nanami and Tomoe go back, but Nanami promises to see Mizuki again when he feels lonely.